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“Set up an indoor picnic with your favorite food items and put it on a rug on your living room floor.Choose some romantic music, light some candles, and you have a wonderful date sorted.Since it is the beginning of your relationship, make Valentine’s Day a day that is about developing your relationship, learning more about each other, and having fun.”But what if you and the person you’re seeing aren’t on the same page?Maybe one of you expects something grandiose while the other appreciates the sentiment “it’s the thought that counts.” “For a new couple coming up to Valentine’s Day, it can be a confusing time,” James Preece, aka The Dating Guru, tells Bustle.Have a short conversation a few weeks before about what you both might like to do together.This can save embarrassment later on and gives you something to look forward to.“It doesn’t matter what it is — it could be a fairy tale, thriller, or comedy.

“Plus, you’ll need to hold hands for balance.” And I think sledding’s an equally fun winter activity, complete with hot chocolate and snuggling up afterwards from the cold.

Another plus side of doing what others probably won’t be doing?

Not only will your date ideas be more unique, but they’ll also probably cost way less than the prix fixe menus all over town.

Yes, if you throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, you can have everyone bring along a single friend — or someone they’re dating.

Point being, if it feels too soon to celebrate together, this will be a low-pressure situation for “For something a bit different, get your partner comfortable and take turns reading them a story,” says Preece.

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