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It is intended to promote a student-produced clothing line not affiliated with the university.

UW-Madison in a prepared statement condemned the content of the video, but said it was protected by free speech rights. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) called for the university to do something about it because he believes its intent is dangerous.“This racist video has an intent to incite violence against police officers," Nass said in a statement released with the video. UW-Madison must act swiftly and decisively against anyone on their campus that promotes hateful actions of this type,” Nass said.

Often, these modes of group play are more accessible than in-person group play.

Three-quarters of teens who play games play them with others with whom they are connected over the internet.

Teen gamers also play games with different types of people – they play with friends they know in person (89%), friends they know only online (54%), and online with others who are not friends (52%).

Another third of boys (33%) play with others over a network weekly, while 10% of girls report playing this way.

Girls who play games, on the other hand, are most likely to report that they play networked games with others less often than monthly (27%) or that they never play in such a manner (47%).

UW-Madison released the following statement:“UW-Madison strives to provide a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, while allowing everyone to share ideas and political views in exercise of their free speech rights."However, the university strongly condemns the glorification of violence such as that contained in the promotion of a student-produced clothing line."We support our police partners, reject violence and violent imagery as tactics to achieve political objectives."All citizens have the rights to express political beliefs that others may find objectionable, or even counter to the values of the institution.

"The individual in this situation is engaging in a private business activity, unrelated to his status as a UW-Madison student.

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