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Keep this in mind as we deal with the subjects involving the deities.Be aware that a number of deities cross boundaries of nations, which shifted themselves.The Greek font is the Windows supplied font called symbol, but in case you do not have it, that is also on the download page.As to the variations in spelling there are many different groups within Hebrew.I have finally converted this book to a PDF format so that this book is available for free download, retaining its formatting and foreign language fonts.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, we dont eat pork, I am relaying an old story about traditions. In fact, it seems more difficult to avoid beginning them in the first place.

If you should see odd letters strung together where a name or word is being explained, you probably need the font. Since Hebrew does not have an upper and lower case, another font used for the English quoting of the Tanak/Bible is the copperplate, which does not have a case.

I use this font when quoting portions of the Tanak [Hebrew Bible], to avoid translator emphasis that capitalizing puts a slant on. So if you are seeing quoted text in all lower case, you need this font as well.

I also cite quotes immediately after the quote, regardless of the proper method of footnoting and placing the sources at the end of the page, chapter or book.

As a diligent researcher of the footnotes, I hate flipping around in a paper or book for the source, so I write as I would like to read.

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