Shipmates dating show episode

See full summary » Tiny Tucker delivers mail and attracted to her, Just Baggot becomes her new carrier.When he kills a man in a gunfight, the man's son joins him in the deliveries and they become good friends.It IS fun to hear some of the tried and true (repackaged and reused) bits from Vaudeville and lesser locales. The life of a comic is, no doubt, full of unpredictability, self-doubt and wearisome travel.It's too bad the script of Always Leave Them Laughing couldn't stop laughing long enough to be taken seriously.

If they had done that consistently throughout the film, then we might be able to forgive them and consider it a stylistic choice.

See full summary » Kip Cooper, a successful comedy star, is the hit of the nation starring on his own television show.

His agent, in flashback, tells a young, inexperienced comedian how Cooper rose to the top, mostly running over others on the way.

But when Bert Lahr is on screen, he stays in character the entire time and does not play to the viewer.

His performance is the best part of this film and the main reason I give it three stars.

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