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Around 8 o’clock they’ve settled in a small restaurant, quiet enough that they could actually talk.

She was persuasive as a devil himself, so our guy believed there was a legit reason for her to miss the date (Ahh, that persuasion force, triple-D on a bra scale – how many men have fallen for it).

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: if he’s texting you all the time, asking you out on dates, introducing you to his friends, inviting you to meet his family, giving you a ring, marrying you, having your children, and spending a lifetime together in blissful matrimony, he’s probably into you.

What I’m saying is if he’s super-in, it’s obvious so stop reading this and start acting like rabbits.

Hey, some fairy tales come true; others may simply need a few more chapters ‘til happily ever after.

They exchange pleasantries and agree to meet later on that day for a Friday night date.

But if you’re seeing no affections then jump ship, he’s not that into you.

You want to know if you’re wasting time or building something, if you’ll end up a champ or a chump, if it will turn into a dream or a nightmare, if it’s destiny or misery, if – ok I’ll stop, sorry.Obviously, there’s no talk about clubs, parties or any other stuff.They have decided to simply meet, talk and, maybe, walk.The clear proclamations of interest aren’t happenin’.So it’s up to us to read the tea leaves and understand if he sees you as Ms. Right Now, a fling or a fawn, a – ok, seriously I’m stopping.

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